Over the past years,
I have studied 3 subjects:
Economics, Food Design, and Interaction Design. 

I have lived in 9 cities around the world:
Beijing -> Groningen -> Los Angeles -> Milan -> Barcelona -> Copenhagen -> Berlin -> Shanghai -> Stockholm;

Underneath this unconventional route, shines my ultimate curiosity about the complex humanity and imagination of the world from different perspectives.

If I could use punctuation and symbols to describe myself, I would be a combination of ?(question mark), +(plus), and ...(ellipsis): ask the questions, connect the dots, and tell the stories.

Besides design, I am also passionate about bringing mindfulness into our daily life through Chinese philosophy and breathing exercise. Curious to learn more about it, book me a free 60 minute session here.

I enjoy starting my day with a good 20min 🏊‍♂️. In my free time, I like rummaging through vintage stores and markets, and I have the habit of drawing speech-inspired doodles (check out my Instagram︎). 

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