I love the idea of workshop: I love participating and experimenting with different design disciplines; working with people from different backgrounds gives me great satisfaction. Here are some workshops and exhibitions I have been involved:

“Join Little Paris” Social Design workshop mapping and envisioning the community identity at Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2018
Image courtesy CollecX

“Wave” Material Design workshop exploring recycled foam as material at Barcelona, Spain, 2018
Image courtesy Fernando Laposse

“Agave Dome” Material Design workshop exploring and experimenting with natural plant agave at Syracusa, Italy, 2019

Image Courtesy Yang Li

“Cultivamos Cultura” BioArt workshop exploring intersections between biology, art and philosophy at São Luís, Portugal, 2022
Image courtesy Human Ecosystem Relazionale

“Reflection on colonialism in Speculative Design” Speculative Design workshop exploring NeoRurality at Rome, Italy, 2019

Image Courtesy Boisbuchet

“Fermenting to Zero Waste” Fermentation workshop exploring the world of fermentation with plant-based ingredients at Boisbuchet, France, 2022