Ideate on the clothing donation app ;
Created 2 rounds of prototypes within 1 week;
Did user testing with the prototypes and iterated from the feedback

Create an app for social cause

A more transparent clothing donation experience

Tim Kekeritz
Frank Rausch


With poverty being one of the greatest global challenges the world faces, the team decided to search for ways to design a better solution to address this issue. This led to the creation of Cadeau, a motivational app that helps donors track their clothing donations in a rewarding way.

What is Cadeau?

Cadeau makes giving more transparent as donors can track the full journey of where their clothing donations go and see the positive impact they have made to those in need.

How does Cadeau work?

Donors are given a tracking code to add to his or her donation bag each time they make a donation. The app then provides a nearest drop-off location for donations to be dropped off. The user interface includes guidelines for the donation process, together with a record and visualization of past donations. Graphics are placed in line with a short text explaining each step (e.g., donation requirements, how to enable tracking, and where donations can be dropped off). Visualization and history of past donations offer donors feedback on their total donations to date, the stage in which their donations are at, and who they have ultimately helped.

Instruct on how to donate

Confirm on dropoff

Track the donation
Donation Instruction

Drop-off Confirmation
Tracking Panel


Experience Jouney Sketch
Key Paper Screens
Product Statement
First Paper Prototype
Second Paper Prototype